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Before After Close-up of eye area before a Healthy Lash Lift + Brow Wax & DyeClose-up of Healthy Lash Lift + Brow Wax & Dye results

Healthy Lash Lift + Brow Lamination

The ultimate transformation for your lashes & brows.

Includes our most popular treatments to awaken your eyes & lift your face by healthily lifting your lashes and brows – all while saving you time and at a cheeky discount.


Unlike traditional Brow Lamination’s & Lash Lift’s that leave your brows & lashes dry & frazzled, our ‘Healthy’ range of self care treatments, has been specifically developed at IVY REIGN to ensure your brows are healthy and strong, giving you peace of mind.

Benefits you will love!

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Lifted lashes without the damage!

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Fresh & bright looking eyes

Fuller even brows icon


Fixes uneven & smoothens unruly brows

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No more painful lash curler & mascara

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Lasts up-to 6-8 weeks!

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Vegan & Cruelty Free

No animals were harmed

Still have questions? We have answers!

IVY REIGN’s Healthy Lash Lift™ & Healthy Brow Lamination was designed to address one pain point: the damaging effects often associated with Traditional Lash Lifts & Brow Lamination. This damage manifests physically in lashes & brows appearing dry, frayed, and curling backward.

After extensive education, we discovered that these damaging effects were caused by mixture of a few elements.

  1.  A harsh lifting ingredient known as Thioglycolic acid. This ingredient, responsible for reshaping lashes & brows, works rapidly but damages their structure.
  2. The lack of higher education in the lash lifting & brow lamination industry is one of the biggest issues that contribute to this problem. As artist’s do not have sufficient understanding of the science behind lash lifts & brow lamination  are known to create inconsistent results & damage. 

Result? Client’s who pay hundreds of dollars with the intention to get beautiful lashes & brows, but have had to walk away with inconsistent & damaged results…

At Ivy Reign, our goal is simple: to help people like you look good & feel at ease by providing the benefits of a lash lift & brow lamination but without the risk of inconsistent & damaged results. 

We achieve our healthy results through:

  1. Our unique lash lifting & brow lamination process developed at IVY REIGN to create beautiful, consistent results.
  2. Our team of highly educated Beauty Artist’s who deeply understand the science behind lash lift’s enbaling us to understand your unique needs & to maintain the health of your lashes & brows.
  3. Our gentle products helps us create healthy results by   gently lifting your lashes & brows while preserving their integrity.
  4. To elevate our approach, we apply our unique peptide serum that penetrates deep into the follicle to heal hair by reconnecting polypeptide chains and renewing strength in a way unparalleled to anything seen on the market. Lashes & brows look visibly stronger & healthier.

With our Healthy Lash Lift™ & Healthy Brow Lamination™, you can now enjoy beautiful lashes & brows without the stress or the damage.

  • Read the contraindication guideline below
  • Please come to your appointment without any eye makeup, especially mascara.
  • Remove contact lenses.
  • Avoid curling your natural lashes for at least 24 hours prior to treatment.
  • Clients with an eye infection, like pink eye, need to wait until it has cleared prior to treatment

No the procedure is painless. You will have your eyes closed for about 1 hour treatment and although it may feel a little strange being unable to open your eyes for this time, it offers you a chance to relax during the treatment.

Yes you can wear mascara after our Healthy Lash Lift™, however you will need to wait at least 24 hours before doing so. Although, you probably won’t need to!

Your Healthy Lash Lift & Healthy Brow Lamination will begin to naturally drop after about 2 months and your lashes, brows will be back to their natural look. You can rebook for our Healthy Lash Lift & Healthy Brow Lamination 8 weeks after your last self-care appointment

Below, are some common contraindications which may make Healthy Lash Lift & Healthy Brow Lamination  unsuitable for you. Client’s are advised to make their own educated judgement to see if the treatment is suitable for them before booking.

Recent Lash Lift & Brow Lamination: If you have recently had a lash lift, brow lamination elsewhere & your lashes, brows appear to be dry, frazzled & damaged, Healthy Lash Lift & Healthy Brow Lamination is not suitable for you. It is best to come in after your lashes are back to their natural state.

For returning Ivy Reign clients, it is crucial that you wait at least 8 weeks before coming in for your Healthy Lash Lift & Brow Lamination. 

Eye Infection/ Inflamed Eyes: Lash lift is not suitable for people who have an eye infection as eyes may become more irritated & the infection can also contaminate our instruments.

Recent Eye surgery – 12 months and under: Lash lift is not suitable for people who have had recent eye surgery as eyes may become more irritated, unless provided with a written doctor’s notice.

Recent laser eye surgery: Lash lift is not suitable for people who have had laser eye surgery in the last 6-weeks. During this period, our clients’ eyes are still in the healing process, and a lash lift can cause irritation.

Dry eye syndrome: Lash Lift is not suitable for people with dry eye syndrome, unless provided with a written doctor’s notice.

During & Post Chemotherapy: Healthy Lash Lift & Healthy Brow Lamination is not suitable for people post chemotherapy. During and after chemotherapy your eyelashes & brows may get thinner, sparser, or fall out altogether. It takes about 6 to 8 weeks for a new set of lashes to grown in, but because chemotherapy can cause long-term changes to hair follicles, your lashes may grow in weaker, or grow in and fall out again over the course of a year or more. Client’s are advised to make their own educated judgement to see if the treatment is suitable for them.

Allergic to tint/dye: Healthy Lash Lift + Healthy Brow Lamination may not be suitable for clients who have previously had a reaction to any tint/dye, however you can opt of out the tint/dye or you can do a patch test of tint/ dye with us as products can differ salon to salon & you may not react to our products. Please come in 20 mins early and ask our friendly team if you would like a patch test.

Acne Medication – Oral in the last 12 months or Topical (around the brows) in the last 2 weeks: Healthy Brow Lamination is not suitable for clients that are on acne medication as these medications can weaken the skin therefore lifting the skin when waxing. However, we can tweeze and or shave the brows.

Chemical peel or Skin Needling in Last 7 days: Healthy Brow Lamination is not suitable for clients that have had skin lasers or skin needling in the last 7 days as these skin treatments disrupt the skin barrier and can make the skin sensitive, so it is best to wait at least 7 days prior to waxing & laminating. However, we can tweeze and or shave the brows instead of waxing.

Deposits Policy
All new clients are required to pay a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure their self-care experience.

This fee will be deducted from the cost of service at your appointment.
Deposits are not refunded in the event of a cancelation or no show.

Cancelation or No Show Policy
When you book an appointment with us, you take a time slot in our busy schedule, therefore preventing other people from booking in.

If you fail to cancel your appointment before 48 hours of your appointment or do not show up, you will be charged 100% of total appointment cost.